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Dr. Stephanie Willis is a Clinical Trichologist, Certified Health Care Specialist, and Forensic Trichologist, Hair loss Specialist, Cosmetology Instructor, Business Administrator, and Fashion Designer.  

Dr. Willis is the founder and Educator of Discovery and Lajune’ products. Her products are certified and geared toward clients that suffer from alopecia and Radiation treatments.  Dr. Willis studies the hair and scalp with the aid of various microscopes to determine the cause and damage of the hair and scalp. 

She takes a special interest in clients that are receiving radiation and chemotherapy.  Her products are specially designed to counter the effects of these treatments.  She has successfully treated many patients.  She is a platform speaker and a trainer. She offers classes in Trichology and Forensic Trichchology through her campus or correspondence classes.   

Dr. Willis is striving to educate people on the use of harmful products that are believed to be the cause of blood cancers.  Through extensive studies and interviews, she is convinced of this epidemic.  For more information please call or sign up for our classes or consultations.

You can also contact Dr. Willis for your speaking engagements.

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